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Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick Review


The Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick can help owners to keep the metal fragments in the engine oil of the generators, from harming the engine of your generator. The magnet built within the dipstick. This specialize dipstick  where you can see 25% of the magnet while 75% of the magnet is built within the dipstick.



Why do I need Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick?


The original dipstick of your generator is not magnetic, this means that those metallic particles in your engine oil  inside and once the engine starts to run, those metallic particles can cause abrasive to your engine in the long run.

Replacing your ordinary dipstick with Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick, can help you avoid this incident. How? Once you put this specialize dipstick into your generator engine, the magnet inside the dipstick will pull those metallic particles and filter the oil running in your engine. This will help your engine run smoothly and prolong its life.

The built-in super magnet of Yamaha’s oil dipstick is knurled for easy grip when installing and removing. It is made with a solid piece of high quality aluminium, made in USA.


How to use Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick


When you buy the Yamaha magnetic oil dipstick, you need to unscrew the original dipstick of your generator.

Screw the new magnetic dipstick to your generator engine.

Use your generator for a few days.

Unscrew the Yamaha magnetic oil dipstick

You can see the dark oil on the tip of the dipstick, wipe out the dark oil to take out those metallic particles.

Once the dipstick is cleaned, return the dipstick.

Do this weekly to clean the tip of the dipstick.






Can easily fit the oil dipstick socket.

Knurled for easy installation and removing

This is a solid piece of high quality of aluminium

Made in USA.

Avoid mess on engine oil





When you want to extend the life of your generator’s engine, you need to know and discover different ways how to do this. Providing the right parts to help your engine  run smoothly for a long time need an investment that can prove to work for a long time.

One of the things to consider is providing good quality engine oil. When you run your generator’s engine, it creates a carbon deposit and metallic particles in the engine oil.  When it’s not yet time to change your engine oil, then these particles will scratch your engine and do harm in the long run.  To avoid this, using the Yamaha ef2000is Magnetic Oil Dipstick can give you this protection and create a smooth running engine for a long time.

Getting the authentic magnetic oil dipstick for your generator’s engine is the best way to protect your generator. You can run it and enjoy the power supply without worries, plus it’s safe to use for the dipstick can easily fit your engine. Getting one will be so easy, just click this link  to get you to the most interesting part about it.