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The Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review


The Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator is a model 75531i which is an impressive inverter generator because it’s packed with features that you can rely on. As this inverter generator covers a lot of aspects that gives it a high value in the market today. A review on this unit is a good idea, to help you see and weigh everything is this is the right generator for you. Let’s begin…


What are you getting with Champion 3100 Watt?


The quick touch panel is where you can access directly the controls of this generator. It includes a safe design of low oil shutdown sensor, which can handle 0.6-quarts of oil (recommended 10W-30)

Using this  generator can give you a low noise operation – you can expect 58 dBA which is perfect to use on RV’s, as a home-backup-power, tailgating and any project you are in, for it can deliver 3100 Watts is the start when it operates, while when it runs it can deliver 2800 Watts for 8 hours.

It can produce clean electricity on sensitive electronics, a few to mention is RV ready with 120 Volts 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A  for household outlets and it has a total harmonic distortion less than 3%, which result to have a clean power of 12 Volts DC outlet.

When it comes to efficiency, it can reduce the electrical load, at the same time provide less noise during operation, while it has an extended engine life which is efficient in fuel consumption.

It has a 3 year limited warranty while Free lifetime support on technical of specific experts.



Let’s look closer at the features of the Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100 Watt Inverter Generator


The core of 755311i is tough, it has a 171cc – the Champion overhead engine can produce 2800 Watts and 3100 surge Watts. This means it can handle large appliances without any issues.

It has 1.6 gallon fuel tank on its inverter – capable to run for 8 hours when fitted with ¼ maximum load. It uses unleaded gasoline for smooth function.

To start the engine, this unit has  a manual recoil that uses Pull-Start in-order to start the operation

The size of this generator is 24.4 inches long, by 18.3 inches high, and 14.3 inches wide. The weight of this inverter generator is about 84.5 lbs., which makes it easy to move around.



The Pros of Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator


Is you can see, the Champion 3100 Watt has two outlets that allow you to use multiple appliances that needs 120 Volts AC, 20 Amp current. Because of this, it makes a flexible generator for many uses for personal or project that needs electricity.

Compared with the other products, this device met the standard new weight of the EPA/CARB compliant generators – 83.8 pounds (38kg), that makes this unit lighter than the other portable generators in the market.

During operation, this device is relatively quiet when it runs its engine. This inverter technology has low noise, which is about 58 dBA at 23 feet, the lesser sound of normal conversation.

This model can run 8 hours,  even for 25% fuel load., while the control panel has an economy control switch – that can decrease the fuel consumption when not in use. At the same time its revolutions per minute (RPM) can function automatically depending on the size of the load which reduces the noise produced then reduce the engine wear.

You can easily navigate this unit for it has a durable wheel and built-in handle, so you can take it wherever you need it.

Protection overload is another built-in feature of this device.  It shuts down when an overload of power is detected.



The Cons of Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator


There are few glitches even it has good features.

Some consider this  unit as a heavy model for them to handle.

The Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator is not the lowest price in the market.

It can be tough to move around on rough surfaces.

You can observe when you use this unit  with  moderate or heavy loads, it can produce a louder noise.




In conclusion, the Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator is no surprise on the top rated generator on the market today – based on its features and operation. As it met the compliance of EPA/CARB, this means it is highly dependable when it comes to its runt-ime and fuel efficiency. Although, when you’ll come to realize that it produced louder noise when you load a heavy appliances on it. Which is highly understandable because as the load increases, the engine also increases its functionality to meet the electric power it requires to deliver.

The decision is yours when it comes to inverter generator, weighing the information discussed about can give you an Idea the product best for your needs.To know more details about, check it here!