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Briggs & Stratton q6500 Inverter Generator Review


To have a dependable generator has a big advantage when it comes to emergencies and outdoor activities. The Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator can be used as  power back-up for home usage where you can connect appliances you can use outdoors.  There is not need to run on natural gas line when connecting the appliances, switching the manual transfer will do to power household circuit.

There few points why the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator is an excellent choice when it comes to power back up:


The Inverter Technology and Clean Electrical Power Supply


There are portable generators today send the power from the alternator to the outlets with a low filtering of power, this then will result to voltage fluctuations/spikes – that can damage sensitive electronic devices. This type of risk can put your cell phones, television, computers and other electronic appliances prone to damage.

With the inverter generator, it takes power from the alternator, then converts it into direct current (DC), then quickly converts it back to alternating current (AC) once again. The conversion of power produces clean electric power, which is much safer to the sensitive gadgets or devices compared to those powered by AC current. At the same time inverters perform quieter and efficient on fuel consumption as  the traditional generators.



Transfer Switches and Extension Cords


If you want to use this inverter generator, you can run through extension cords from the generator outside and connect it inside your home. Although this may seem odd seeing the power cords all over your house at the same time you can experience limited devices to receive power supply. If you consider the cords a hassle, then think about the advantage of putting the generator outside free from the carbon monoxide it produces.

There is another method you can use to avoid the troubles of extension cords, this is the manual transfer switch with inlet box which is installed in your home. In case there is a power failure,  go to your electrical panel then flip the switch to the generator position. You can plug the generator to the outlet and start it. This can send power to your home’s electrical wiring. Just keep in-mind the limitations of the power to use on the generator.

With the Q6500,  it can provide power for your  refrigerator, lights, internet, tv and microwave. This can help you get powered during the storm, and other outdoor activities – to your backyard or trips.



Additional Details


When you wanted to prepare during emergencies and other events that need backup power-supply, you can rely to an inverted generator that can provide you with reliable power supply and produces clean/low noise during operation. From the details said about, the Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator can deliver this type of services to help you live comfortably and safely.


Here is the summary of the things that have been mentioned on Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator:


When you buy the generator, put oil an gas in it.

You can buy a manual transfer switch and find an electrician to install it, also the outdoor inlet box.

When you experience power failure you can get your generator and plug it into the outdoor inlet box, then start the generator. This can give you the power to use for your home. Just remember the generator has limitations.





Considering the features of Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator, you can see clearly see how it can help you with your home improvement projects and other emergencies that need a generator. Thinking about these things can help you to weigh between the cost and the usefulness it can bring to your home and family. To know more about this product can be found once you click this link.